How many children are in a class?

The size of the class depends on the physical size of the room and the capacity can vary between 8 and 16 children. The typical 2s class has 6-8 students, and the 3s and Pre-K typically range between 10-14 students.


What is the ratio of adults to children?

Again, depending on the physical limitations of the room, the teacher-student ratio will vary. Every class is always staffed with two teachers, one head teacher and one assistant. In the 2s class the ratio never exceeds 1:4; in the 3s and Pre-K, the ratio never exceeds 1:7.

What class options do you offer?

All of our classes are mornings only and run 9:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
The 2s format is M/W/F or TU/TH. 
The 3s can enroll for four or five days, with Friday being the fifth day.
The Pre-K class is a five-day program.

Is there an opportunity to extend the day?

Yes, the 3s and Pre-K can enroll in a separate enrichment program called The Bedford Learning Center, which is held in the preschool space. Children in the BLC program can stay from 11:45 until 12:45 (for lunch bunch) or until 2:15 (for the enrichment portion). Days and programs offered vary from year to year due to changing demand. Please see the BLC official website for further program details.

When does the school year begin and end?

Our school year typically begins shortly after Labor Day and ends at the first week of June. Our calendar is based on the Bedford Central School District calendar; however there are some slight differences.


Does my child need to be potty trained?

We request that children in the 3s and Pre-K classes be potty trained before the start of school. Children enrolled in the 2s class are allowed to be in diapers.

When does the enrollment season begin?

Many families begin thinking about preschools quite early on, in some cases even before their little one is born. If you think you might be interested in our 2s program for your child, please let our director know as early as possible. We maintain a list of interested families as far as two years out.

The official enrollment process for the upcoming year for the 2s classes begins in the fall. Contracts for the incoming 2s are offered early in October. Enrollment priority is given to existing families, former families, parishioners, and children of school faculty and parish staff. 

Re-enrollment contracts for the 3s and Pre-K are due into the office, with the deposit, before the Christmas break. Beginning January 1st, all remaining spots will be opened up to the public.

Once the classes have been filled, a wait-list will be maintained. Students will be taken from the wait-list as openings occur, with careful consideration being given to the formation of classes, to optimize their composition.

If we are offered a spot, what fees and tuition can we expect to pay?

Following notification of class placement, a non-refundable deposit ($1500 for 3s and Pre-K, $1000 for 2s) is due within two weeks to reserve a spot in class. The first one-third of the tuition is due May 1st, prior to the beginning of school. The second third of the tuition is due September 1st, and the remaining third (less the deposit) is due February 1st of the current school year. Current tuition rates can be found here.

Do you have an “Open House” or offer tours for prospective families?

We host a fall and spring open house (Dates TBD). We also happily conduct tours of the school by appointment. We feel this arrangement gives the prospective families a truly authentic picture of our school program and atmosphere. Please contact the director to schedule a tour.

What is the school's philosophy on discipline?

We feel that preschool is a place to learn. At this age, many times the children are still learning appropriate social behaviors; therefore our behavior policy focuses on teaching peaceful conflict resolution skills, problem solving, verbalizing feelings, accepting responsibility for our actions, and showing empathy toward others. Teachers provide helpful guidance to children by respectfully acknowledging feelings while redirecting or limiting behavior. The goal is to support young children as they gain the ability for self-discipline.

Serious behavior issues which cannot be managed by teaching, redirection, or teacher intervention will require parent support. The safety and well-being of all members of SMS community are always the first priority.

How does snack time work?

Children are given a healthy snack every day. We try to provide them with two different items, one fresh such as fruit, veggies, cheese, or yogurt, and one dry like crackers or pretzels. They also have water available to drink. Parents are asked to provide a week’s worth of snack for their child’s class a couple times a year. Snack assignments are given at the beginning of the school year.

Must you be Episcopalian or Parishioner of St. Matthew's Church?

No.  All denominations are welcomed.  Religious teachings for our preschoolers are very basic, universal Christian teachings.


Frequently Asked Questions