Mission Statement

The mission of St. Matthew’s Preschool (SMP), in partnership with St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, is to provide preschool students with a vibrant and developmentally appropriate early childhood program that addresses all areas of learning – social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical – in a nurturing and supportive environment. The atmosphere at SMP provides a setting which enables each child to feel like a valued and productive member of the school community. We are committed to a child-centered program of education, meeting each individual student at his or her own level, and assisting each in reaching his or her fullest potential. Our goal is to ensure that the children develop the skills and self-confidence necessary to prepare them to flourish and thrive in kindergarten and beyond.

Program Philosophy

Utilizing current research and best practices of early childhood education, St. Matthew’s Preschool recognizes that all learning is interdependent-- meaning that each area of development affects the others. Therefore, our curriculum has been designed to educate the whole child, building a strong cognitive, social, emotional, and physical foundation. Our program is focused on hands-on learning, based on a thematic approach which stimulates curiosity and discovery, and generates enthusiasm. All educational benchmarks (or goals) such as letter recognition and number sense are reached within themes, as opposed to being taught in isolation.

We believe in the importance of providing a balance of activities: active/quiet, free/structured, and individual/group. Daily schedules include time for circle time, stories, songs or poems, and skill-based center activities, as well as plenty of time for playing. The SMS program includes a variety of hands-on enrichment opportunities that take advantage of St. Matthew’s renowned music programs, spectacular woodland trails, expansive kitchen facilities, and other resources.

We acknowledge the importance of moving beyond the walls of the classroom to open spaces in order to allow for physical activities and facilitate the development of gross-motor skills. The children enjoy outdoor play on our private playground and/or guided nature walks on our 62 acres of property. In an effort to promote stewardship of our natural resources, SMP programs also include activities designed to encourage the children to appreciate, respect and care for the environment.

In addition to following a carefully-developed curriculum that engages and challenges the children, the spiritual lives of the children are nurtured through a weekly chapel service led by members of the St. Matthew’s clergy. Throughout the year, the values of faith, love, hope and service to others are emphasized. Children are encouraged to share and explore their own faith and traditions and to honor those traditions in their own lives.

Recognizing that parents play an integral part in their child’s education, SMP encourages parents to be active partners with the school, enjoying meaningful involvement in school life. We believe that communication is the cornerstone of a strong partnership between the school and parents. In addition to regular updates about activities in the classroom, we also provide parents with regular feedback on each child’s progress. We maintain an “open door” policy so that we may answer parental questions and support every aspect of the child’s learning experience. 

Mission & Philosophy